Why Network Marketing Makes Sense

Why Network Marketing Makes Sense

why network marketingIf you have ever considered network marketing, good for you. If you are still thinking about it, let’s talk about why I believe it just makes sense.

The simple reasons for why network marketing makes sense are:

Low Start-Up Cost If you have ever started any sort of business, you know start-up costs can be pretty excessive. In a recent Facebook post, I had folks telling me about costs ranging from over $100,000 to well over $1 Million to start up a franchise business.

Another friend spent a solid six figures opening up a small wine room.

Most network marketing businesses can be started for anywhere from low hundreds to a few thousand dollars. So, if you have that entrepreneurial drive but don’t have six figures laying around, this would be an example of why network marketing may be the right call for you.

Low Expansion Costs If you are on social media, it can be incredibly easy and inexpensive to expand your business on a global level.

I have built my businesses around the globe using my iPhone to reach out to social media followers and connections in different countries. The cost to put up my social media posts: $0.00.

Residual Income This may be the biggest reason for me, as to why network marketing makes sense. The work we do one time can pay us for years to come and can pay in to the next generations for our families if we build it right.

Here is a real example of how I do it:

I give away a free web site to my customers. When my customers want to travel, they simply search their free web site for great deals. When they book that trip, I get paid based on the savings they found. I’ve had customers book trips that resulted in my commission being less than $1. I’ve got customers that save a lot of money and I get paid a lot more.

I simply gave away the web site. Every time they book travel through my site, they save and I get paid. That is how residual income can work and why network marketing is, in my opinion, the best decision we can make for our financial future.

If you’d like to learn more about this particular business model, click here.

Brian Rooney


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