Setting Up Your AutoResponder Letters

Setting Up Your AutoResponder Letters Setting up your autoresponder letters is a big step in being able to successfully build your network marketing business. Autoresponders let you build your list of prospects and follow up with them 24/7.

For the most part, I let my autoresponder do my heavy lifting and sorting for me.

What do I mean by that? I talk to people all the time. I do what is known as “warm market prospecting” where I talk to people I know. I also do “cold market prospecting” where I talk to strangers.

Warm Market Prospecting: Talking to people I know is easy. We’re just talking. We see each other socially, when I’m playing music, when I go out to dinner, etc… When these warm market prospects (friends and family) say they would like to know more about what I’m doing, I give them this web site address.

Cold Market Prospecting: Talking to people I don’t know is also easy. I do online advertising. When someone wants to know more, they click my ad and are taken to this web site. If they’re not interested, they don’t click my ad. Simple.

Talking to someone I just met is easy, too. We’re just talking. Conversations about their job, money, family, travel, etc… make it very easy for me to say something like, “What if I could show you a way to build up a side income by simply giving people great deals on travel? They’re going to travel anyway. I just get paid to show them how to do it for less. Is that something you would like to know more about?. When they say they would like to know more, I give them this web site address.

Total strangers will include my Uber driver, my waitress, a bar tender, someone listening to a band I play with, etc… Someone will typically ask what sort of work I do, or “what else” I am involved with. I will say something like, “I’m pretty excited bout this new venture where I get paid to show people how to save money on travel.“. If they say something like, “Yeah? How does that work?” or “I’d love to do something like that”, I give them this web site address.

My typical approach is to say:

I’d be happy to share it with you. Give me your cell phone and I will message you a quick link that shows you how to get the details.“. They give me their number. I add them to my contacts. I text/message them this web site. Then, I go on with the rest of the natural conversation. I have their number. I can follow up with them, later.

So, all this brings me to the importance of getting an autoresponder and setting up your autoresponder letters.

I have created a series of letters that gives interested prospects a way to learn more about what we are doing. When they fill out the form, the process begins. They will get an email with very basic info and a link to one of our online presentations. Technology is working for me to show the information and sort through the people that get in my system. (This business is all about sorting, right?)

My autoresponder then follows up daily for the next week to let them know that I am available to answer any questions, share exciting updates, etc… By the time they call or message me, they have pretty much made the decision to join. They just need a few questions answered. Simple.

The key, of course, is setting up your autoresponder letters so they can work for you. I think of it as having my own 24/7 lead generation and follow up team. It’s working beautifully and business is growing strong.

If you have an account with my autoresponder company (, I can get your letters set up for you pretty quickly. Just reach out to me with your name, your TSA, and the email address you use in your autoresponder campaigns. I will gladly share and load my letter series for you.

If you are using a different autoresponder service, that’s no problem. I will be happy to share my letters with you so you can set them up with your chosen autoresponder. Just shoot me a WhatsApp message and I’ll send you the letters for you to use.

Let’s Rock Enroll!

Brian Rooney


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