COVID proves that a second income stream is a must

second income streamA second income stream is an absolute must! I have unapologetically proclaimed this truth since the year 2000.

This is not an “I told you so” post but a reminder that you absolutely need to create a second income stream in your life. How many people (maybe you are one of them) are now worried about whether they will have a job when this virus passes?

Smart business people know that there will be cycles and unexpected events that can impact our world. They make a point to leverage their income so that they are not relying on a single source of income. It just makes sense.

Creating that second income stream can be as simple as opening a home based business that you build on the side. Simple consistent activities done over time can help you create that income stream that you use to pay off debt, build up savings, plan for a rainy day, etc…

Benefits of running a home based business include potential tax breaks, more potential income, another focus to keep you busy when needed, and the freedom that comes from not being completely reliant on someone else such as an employer or the government.

Whether your ambitions are incredible wealth or just a bit of safety, opening up that additional source of  income is easy to do, requires only a small investment to get started, and can lead you to an entirely new life experience.

Don’t get caught behind the 8-ball, again. Start building that extra income stream, now.

If you love your current job, keep it. Just add an additional stream of income to help cover yourself when the unexpected happens.

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