Prospecting For Your Business

prospecting for your business3 Steps For Success:

1) Invite
2) Expose
3) Follow Up

Prospecting for your business is critical to your success. What do I mean? For business and income to grow, we need more customers. For our teams to grow, we need new team members (In our case: TSA’s). To get customers and TSA’s, we need to prospect.

Prospecting is simply us doing 3 things: Inviting people to look at what we do, Exposing them to the information, and Follow Up with them to take the next step.

When we invite, we are not concerned with whether they say “yes” or “no”. We know some will say “yes” and some will say “no”. All we really are doing is giving them an opportunity to pick the option that makes sense for them.

I like to think of it as simply asking questions along the way. The key, for me, has been to ask them a question that can end in a “yes” or a “no”.

Here are some examples:

When I am talking to a traveler and want to show them how to save money, I will ask, “If I could show you how to take that same trip for less, would that be something you would want to learn more about?“.

When I am talking to someone about the business, I will ask something like, “If I could show you how to supplement or even replace your job income with our proven system, is that something you would want to learn more about?“.

Prospecting for your business is not about trying to sell, convince, overcome objections, etc… At this point, all we really want to know is, would you be interested in learning more?“.

If they say, “No”, then the conversation is over, goes back to sports, or whatever else you were talking about. Simple stuff. No muss. No fuss.

If the answer is “Yes”, then we move the the next step: Expose them to the information. This can be a #GOOD Party where you invite them to a group presentation in a home or at one of your local big team meetings. Or it can be sending them iDecide presentation. I keep a link to my iDecide saved on my iPhone. I offer to text the link to them and they can watch it.

After they view the iDecide presentation, we are on to the next step: Follow  Up. THE question I like to ask:

What Did You Like Best About The Presentation?

And then … I STOP TALKING!

Your next step is to LISTEN to them tell you what they are excited about. This is them showing you what is important to them. If you listen carefully, you are that much closer to helping them become a customer and/or a team member. Reaffirm that, yes… that is available to you and continue the conversation to the close. If they are not quite understanding, have more questions, this is a great time to set up a strong 3-way call with your upline leader.

Here are some real world examples of how I am currently inviting:

I send a message out to my contacts via Facebook Messenger, Text, etc… My message is:

I am launching the biggest project I have ever done in more than 20 years of network marketing.

I am reaching out to you to find out one thing:

If I send you a link to a simple online presentation, will you sit down and watch it?

I get ignored. I get told “don’t send me this, again”. I get “yes”. I get “no”. I send my iDecide link to those who say “yes” and I let them know I am available to answer any questions the have after they view the presentation.

If you are not as experienced in the industry, you  might send something like this:

I have found something that I believe is going to help a lot of people.

I am teaming up with a group of home based business professionals who are showing me how they have been able to make money from home.

I thought of you and wanted to see if you would be interested in looking at what we are doing.

For those who say “yes”, send them a link to your iDecide presentation.

When I’m at the bar/restaurant, I talk to people. Some of them just end up talking about travel. I talk to people that complain about their job or boss. It’s pretty easy to work a question in to that conversation.

If I could show you how to save money on your trip, would that be something you’d want to know more about?

If I could show you how to replace that income with a system I’m using, would that be something you would want to know more about?

When I’m riding with my Uber driver, it’s really simple. I ask them what else they do when they are not driving. They tell me about their job, or they are looking for a job, etc… They may ask me what I do. I say, “iBuumerang“. When they ask what that is, I say, “I’m working with a team of people that helps travelers save money on their hotels, cars, cruises, etc… When they save, I get paid.“. They may ask how that works. They may ask if we are hiring. It really can be very simple.

Remember: Prospecting for your business is just about getting that “yes” or “no” to whether they are interested in learning more. When they are, we share the information. By doing that with big numbers and doing it quickly, you can build a solid business.

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