iBuumerang Introduction and Overview

Ready For Your iBuumerang Introduction and Overview?

ibuumerang introduction and overviewHey, Welcome To The Team! I am excited to have you with us and I want to use this blog to keep everyone updated and moving forward as we grow.

Take a few minutes to get the intro and overview by watching the video, below. Then, dig  in to the links below to get more details. Check back here often as things will absolutely be changing as we move forward.

Let’s Rock Enroll!

Watch On YouTube:

More Detailed Description Of Steps Mentioned In The Video:

1) Invite

2) iDecide

3) Follow Up

“NO” just means noT YET

“What Did You Like Best About The Presentation?”

“What Questions Can I Answer For You?”
3-Way Call / Invite To Meeting

How To Throw a Buumerang

Team Members:
Take Them To Your Site and click “Join Now”

ibuumerang on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibuumerang
(Great way to stay updated on training, events, and news!)

A Word About Our WhatsAPP Groups:

To streamline the updating and training process, we have two WhatsAPP groups available. If you are not currently subscribed to our groups, get with your sponsor to be be added.

The goal of our WhatsAPP groups is to inform, train, and support our rapidly growing team from around the world. We want to keep posts informative and supportive at all times. If you have a question about your account or a specific issue, be sure to reach out to your sponsor directly. If they cannot answer the question, they will get with their upline. If the chats get cluttered with repetitive questions or challenges, it loses value for everyone involved.

Be sure to share this iBuumerang Introduction and Overview with your new TSA’s as you bring them on board!

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