How Do I Make Money From Home?

make money from homeI am often asked how I make money from home.  My goal with this article is to answer that question and, if you are interested, show you how you can do the same.

Let’s start by covering a few basic principles:

A home based business (if it is successful) involves actually doing business from home. Any successful business knows that revenue comes from providing a product or service that solves a problem for people.

Car companies make money by selling cars. The problem they solve is transportation.

Service companies make money by providing service. Need your A/C Fixed? You call the A/C company and pay them to provide a solution.

Doctors, dentists, attorneys … all providing solutions.

Restaurants … all providing a solution.

So any idea you have to make money from home needs to provide some sort of solution for people. My home based businesses solve problems and I provide the solution working from home.

Building a home based business will involve actually working. Now, in the case of running online business as I do, “working” looks a lot different than it did when I was working construction. My work, today, is done on my computer, my iPad, my smart phone, and face to face. I reach out on social media. I participate in blogging, article writing, and promotion. I talk to humans. When I successfully solve a problem (see above), business grows.

This is how I make money from home: I solve problems for people

What are the problems I solve in my home based business:

Solution One: I provide a service that helps people pay less when they travel. I am not a travel agent. I simply connect travelers to great deals on hotels, rental cars, resorts, excursions, etc… I provide the service for free. When they are able to pay less using a free web site I give them, I get paid. This same company is adding additional markets so my earning potential just keeps increasing as we expand.

Folks are going to travel for one of two reasons:

They either want to (vacation) or they have to (business). I help them pay less when they do it. This is one of the ways I make money from home.

If you would like to see an overview of how this works, check out my Facebook video here:

Solution Two: I show other home based business professionals how to generate online leads and automate their follow up. The big challenge faced by any business, including home based business operators, is lead generation and follow up. I own a company that helps them solve this problem with a tool we call an “Autoresponder”.

Imagine being able to set up systems that allow your business to generate online leads 24/7 and then follow up with those leads automatically. No matter where you are … No matter what you are doing … Your lead system is working for you to generate leads (people that WANT to know more about what you are offering) and helping them learn about your product, service, or opportunity.

To learn more about how this service can help you generate leads for your home based business, check us out at

Solution Three: Online Advertising For MLM Professionals. The biggest key to success in building a business is lead generation. We have to be talking to new people on a constant basis.

I love talking to people and have no problem inviting prospects to look at what I’ve got. I also run online mlm advertising. Why? Because people are online looking for ways to make money from home. So, it just makes sense that I have some ads out there for people like this to see.

So, here is the basic run down of the flow I use when I make money from home:

I am running ads online at The Online Ad Network. When someone clicks my ad, they go to a web site or capture page that offers them information about what I do. They fill out the form and my autoresponder takes over.

If you are curious about starting a home based business, take a look at what we are doing and see if it makes sense for you:

If you already have a home based business and need a way to get more leads and handle follow up, check out The Online Ad Network and

Feel free to ask ANY questions you have about how I make money from home. We don’t have to get in to a sales pitch. I love a good conversation. Post your comments, thought, or questions below.

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