Formula For Making Money Online

formula for making money onlineThe formula for making money online is VERY simple.

Unfortunately, too many people make it needlessly complicated. Believe it or not, I can make this real simple for you:

First: Actually have a product or service of value to offer someone.

Second: Expose people to you and your message.

Third: Get permission from them to tell them more.

Fourth: Get them to opt in to a database, and then follow up with them EARNING their trust, and reminding them that you have the ideal solution to one of their SERIOUSLY painful problems.

Examples of your database could and should include:

– your email list (built and managed with an autoresponder)
– your followers on Twitter
– your followers on TikTok
– your followers on Instagram
– connections on Linkedin
– friends on Facebook
– opt-ins to your smartphone contacts
– Facebook Groups or Pages
… you get the idea!

What makes this such a powerful formula for making money online? When someone joins your email list, follows you, friends you, etc… they are now in your database! You can follow up with them, EARN THEIR TRUST, and remind them that you can help them in whatever way your products and services can actually help them.

Why do I say this is simple? Just about everyone I know has Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc…

It is incredibly simple to let people know what you do and how you can help them.

Instead of posting about how much you hate a political celebrity, love a hollywood celebrity, think people are mean, wish life was better, debate about types of meat, bikinis, sports teams, etc… add some value to the content.

One of my businesses shows travelers how to save money. A lot of my posts are about showing great travel deals, sharing travel tips, etc… I even offer a free web site that guarantees savings.

Another business shows entrepreneurs how to generate leads for their business. A good percentage of my content is about showing them how lead generation works. (I am offering value).

A third business offers online advertising for network marketing professionals. The advertising is displayed on a blog I own that provides network marketing tips and advice (offering more value).

Use your social media channels to show people you have something of value to offer them and show them how to learn more.

And, when you DO post on social media, don’t just post a sales page and tell people why they need to buy your stuff.

Show Them  How You Can Help Them!

If you clicked any of the links, above, you noticed that they all go to offers of more information. Any time someone wants to learn more about how I can help them, they fill out the form. From there, my autoresponder takes over sending follow up messages and explaining how I can help them with whatever they are interested in.

Nothing about any of these steps is hard. You may need to learn a thing or two here and there, but you know you can.

There was a time when you couldn’t walk. You learned.
You had to learn how to use a fork and knife. You learned.
You had to learn how to make your bed. You learned.
You had to learn how to read. You learned.
You had to learn how to write. You learned.
You had to learn how to use that computer. You learned.
You had to learn how to use that smart phone. You learned.

You learned all that.

You can learn this.

Brian Rooney

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