4 Steps To Email Marketing Success

Now, it’s time to get down to some of the email marketing success strategies I personally use. There are 4 steps involved in this process. Frankly, they look really simple and that is because they are. The best part is that you are going to be able to control every step of the process.

There are a lot of people offering complicated systems and telling you that you need all sort of apps, gizmos, tricks, and super-secret-strategies if you want to succeed. The reality is that they just want to sell you their shiny new stuff. There’s nothing wrong that, and some of those shiny things actually work.

But I like to keep things simple. What I focus on is a system that works for me rather than a system that forces me to do more work. I like to do things that can be quickly implemented, tested, and then ramped up for big numbers.

It really comes down to 4 steps:

  1. Traffic There are many ways to get traffic. There is free traffic and paid traffic. You can spend time, money, or both. But traffic really isn’t complicated. The idea is to get people to see your capture page so they can request your information.
  2. Capture Page This can literally be a page you set up with a capture page service or a single page you set up on your web site or blog. I’ve used both and I’ve seen both options work. If you don’t already have a blog or web site, a capture page service is a good option to get started quickly.

    All that traffic you are going to be working on will be sent to this capture page. And it really doesn’t need to be complicated. Some of the best capture pages I have seen and used include nothing more than a headline, a few bullet points, and a simple opt-in box the visitor can use to request your offer (a free pdf, report, etc… ).

    If you want to get really fancy, you can include an image of whatever it is that you are offering, or an image that shows the benefits of your offer. The job of this capture page is to convert the web site visitors into high quality leads.

  3. Autoresponder Another way to think of your autoresponder is your email marketing followup system. This is the system that collects the visitor’s information and sends your followup messages to them.

    These followup messages are sharing information, providing help, and showing your subscribers how to purchase your product, service, information, etc… Along the way, those readers who are  interested will be able to click a link in your autoresponder message to make their purchase.

  4. Broadcast Once your list has begun growing, you can create and send out special offers to your list. One of my clients, Chase Swift, is a photographer. You’ve probably seen his work online, in issues of National Geographic, etc…

    Over the years, he has built a considerable list of people interested in photography, videography, etc… When he finds an offer that he believes will appeal to his readers, he is able to broadcast a message out to his list. When he does, he typically sees sales showing up within minutes.

    This is a great example of email marketing in action.




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