Why MLM Doesn’t Work

why mlm doesn't workLet’s talk about why MLM doesn’t work.

There are some harsh realities in this world of MLM. Most of us try to breeze through life without ever facing these realities. Here is an experience many of us have had, before:

You walk in to a local store, looking for whatever is on your mind, that day. The store owner greets you with a smile, and welcomes you by name. She asks how you’ve been. She excitedly tells you about her upcoming vacation. She can’t wait to get away for a while. She leans in and says something like, “I paid WAY too much but I have got to get away for a little bit!“. You both laugh and you tell her, “Good for you! Enjoy your much needed time away.” You find what you were looking for and go along your way.

She’s a nice lady. I hope she has a great time.“, you think to yourself. You’re glad you shop there. Part of you looks forward to hearing about her trip when she gets back.

A couple of weeks later, you get a call from a friend. She is very excited and quickly starts telling you about a new business opportunity she has found. Someone she knows just started a business helping people get better deals on travel. “All you have to do is get a few people to sign up and you start making money, too!  This is sooooo easy!

You catch her excitement and you say, “I’ll take a look. Send me the info.“. You hang up the phone and you give a little grin. You go on with your day. A couple weeks later, you run into this same friend at the mall and you ask, “Hey. How are you doing with that business opportunity you called me about?

Oh.“, she says, “I gave that thing up. I couldn’t get
anybody else to sign up. I tried but it just didn’t work.

I’m sorry to hear that.” you say. “You seem so excited. What was it, anyway?

She looks down, shrugs her shoulders, and says, “It was  one of those MLM things.

Of course, I made this story up. But the theme is real and probably hits really close to home for many of us. Most of us have someone we know that tried “one of those mlm things” and had similar results.

Sadly, this story is all too common and it’s a good reason why mlm doesn’t work for a lot of people. These “toe-dippers” and “dabblers” give the industry a bad name because they think they can get rich by just signing up and talking to a few people they just KNOW would crush this thing!

How did this happen? The simplest one word reason I can give is: Mindset.

Let’s compare:

The shop owner we talked about in the first story probably invested tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in to her store. She had real estate costs, inventory costs, taxes, payroll, insurance, liability coverage, and more. And, that was before she even opened. She knew she could forget about any free time for a while. That vacation she mentioned will probably be the first day off she has had since she opened the store.

IF she’s lucky, she will be able to generate enough cash flow to keep the store open and some income for herself to provide for her family. Profits MIGHT come later if  she manages to stay in business.

Her commitment level was “all in” from the first day and she has committed herself to making a successful run of it. Her family is counting on her.

The friend was, understandably, lured by the idea of a fast return. The promise of potential financial freedom was certainly appealing. Who wouldn’t enjoy an awesome life full of fun, travel and abundance? Another appealing factor was the very low barrier to entry. Her start up cost was probably somewhere between a few hundred and a couple thousand dollars. Real estate costs, inventory, payroll, etc, were not a factor. She had the word of her sponsor and had seen a reflection of a life that was available.

The part she missed was this:

MLM is a business. When people think they are going to be rich by inviting a few people over a couple of weeks, they experience what they believe to be failure and this is why mlm doesn’t work for them. They didn’t actually fail. In most cases, they just gave up before they had learned and developed the skills to become successful.

Building your MLM business part-time can absolutely be done. In fact, most people start part-time, as they should. They add their mlm business to their daily schedule. They work nights and weekends. The smart move is to transition to doing MLM full-time only AFTER your business has reached the point that your job is actually getting in the way.

The reality of the successful business people in MLM is this:

They know that this model is actually genius. There is an incredibly low barrier to entry. Pretty much anyone can get started at some level and build up from there. By learning and applying a few skills, anyone can learn how to build their  mlm business. You can literally build your MLM business to whatever level you are willing to work for.

These folks who “try it out” are why “mlm doesn’t work”.

These folks who don’t get the proper training are “why mlm doesn’t work”.

If you want to experience success in MLM, get ready to learn new skills, try new things, and pick up new habits. Be prepared to spend some time learning and developing those skills.

When I first got started in MLM, over 20 years ago, I failed miserably. I thought my experience in corporate America made me way smart enough to be successful in one of these MLM deals. I was wrong. I made good money at my job. I was in sales. “I got this.” I thought to myself. I was another reason “why mlm doesn’t work” for so many. But things changed for me.

When I found a good coach, was willing to humble myself and learn new skills, I started experiencing success and was able to support a family of 7 with the residual income model that MLM makes available.

What are your thoughts on these options of starting and building your own business? I would love to get your thoughts.

Want to see the model I am using? I can save that store owner a LOT of money on her vacations! Check it out here: http://umustsee.net/XLP4

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Let’s Make Sure It’s You

first 10 customers Hello, and thanks for requesting my information on how to create residual income on your phone. I’m excited to send it to you.

First, let’s make sure it was you that requested this powerful information and protect you against potential spam issues. Check your email for a message with the subject line:

CONFIRM: Residual Income With Your Phone

You may want to check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox. Click the confirmation link that appears in that email to discover how easy it is to create ongoing residual income with your smart phone!

I look forward to talking with you, soon!

Brian Rooney

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How To Get Your First 10 Customers

first 10 customersGetting your first 10 customers is a big milestone in your business with our team. Our culture is all about being “customer centric” and helping our team members get those customers as quickly as possible.

Remember … we aren’t trying to “sell” anything to anyone. We are simply showing people how to save money on something they are already doing or planning to do.

One of my favorite ways to get customers is to send the people in my iPhone a simple text message. The best thing to do is to get this done quickly. (Success loves speed!)

My message looks like this:

I am launching a new service that helps travelers save money on hotels, cars, resorts, etc… I am giving away a free site you can use any time. No cost to you. Would you like one?

Your name here

When I do this, a few things happen:

1) My Message Gets Ignored. It happens.
2) I get told “stop”. It happens, especially when it’s someone I don’t know well. When I get these, I remove them from my phone.
3) They say something like “Sounds good” or “Sure, thanks”. When they reply like this, I send them a buumerang! Some days, I pick up 10 or more customers before  lunch!

If they start asking me, “What is this?” or “How does it work?” I say

Let me send you a code. You can claim your free site and take it for a test drive. You will be amazed at some of the savings you can find!

If they push or resist, just move on. Tell them,

Any time you’re ready to save on a trip you plan to take, let me know. I’ll hook you up.

Then move on to sending the next message. This is the simplest customer acquisition model I have ever seen. I use it daily!

I also talk to people while I’m out. Folks are talking about the trip they just took, plan to take, or hope to take. I say to them:

I can give you a free travel site that will absolutely save you money on that trip. Would you like me to send it to you via text or email?

Then, I send them a buumerang!

Don’t complicate it. Keep it simple, and before you know it, you will have customers stacking up in your Dashboard building your Perpetual Residual Income Builder!

When you do this consistently, you will begin building residual income with your phone!

How “kewl” is that?!?

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Intro Video

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How To Follow Up with Unopened Or Incomplete iDecides

What do we do with those people that didn’t watch of finish the iDecide you sent them?

Watch On YouTube:

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What Do We Get For Our Monthly Fee?

What Do We Get For Our Monthly Fee?

I’ve been doing internet marketing for close to 20 years. The costs I have experienced to get servers, programming, tools, service, updates, bandwidth, etc… have run in to the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here, we have a system we can use to compete with the big boys on a global scale on our iPhones!

When I found out I could start this business for just over $1,000 and a small monthly fee, I couldn’t jump on it fast enough!

Take a look at what this company has made available to us:

Watch On YouTube:

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Using iDecide To Expose Prospects

The company has given us a powerful prospecting tool to build our business with. Learning to use this tool properly can help you become wildly successful!

Here are some quick tips:


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Setting Up Your AutoResponder Letters

Setting Up Your AutoResponder Letters Setting up your autoresponder letters is a big step in being able to successfully build your network marketing business. Autoresponders let you build your list of prospects and follow up with them 24/7.

For the most part, I let my autoresponder do my heavy lifting and sorting for me.

What do I mean by that? I talk to people all the time. I do what is known as “warm market prospecting” where I talk to people I know. I also do “cold market prospecting” where I talk to strangers.

Warm Market Prospecting: Talking to people I know is easy. We’re just talking. We see each other socially, when I’m playing music, when I go out to dinner, etc… When these warm market prospects (friends and family) say they would like to know more about what I’m doing, I give them this web site address.

Cold Market Prospecting: Talking to people I don’t know is also easy. I do online advertising. When someone wants to know more, they click my ad and are taken to this web site. If they’re not interested, they don’t click my ad. Simple.

Talking to someone I just met is easy, too. We’re just talking. Conversations about their job, money, family, travel, etc… make it very easy for me to say something like, “What if I could show you a way to build up a side income by simply giving people great deals on travel? They’re going to travel anyway. I just get paid to show them how to do it for less. Is that something you would like to know more about?. When they say they would like to know more, I give them this web site address.

Total strangers will include my Uber driver, my waitress, a bar tender, someone listening to a band I play with, etc… Someone will typically ask what sort of work I do, or “what else” I am involved with. I will say something like, “I’m pretty excited bout this new venture where I get paid to show people how to save money on travel.“. If they say something like, “Yeah? How does that work?” or “I’d love to do something like that”, I give them this web site address.

My typical approach is to say:

I’d be happy to share it with you. Give me your cell phone and I will message you a quick link that shows you how to get the details.“. They give me their number. I add them to my contacts. I text/message them this web site. Then, I go on with the rest of the natural conversation. I have their number. I can follow up with them, later.

So, all this brings me to the importance of getting an autoresponder and setting up your autoresponder letters.

I have created a series of letters that gives interested prospects a way to learn more about what we are doing. When they fill out the form, the process begins. They will get an email with very basic info and a link to one of our online presentations. Technology is working for me to show the information and sort through the people that get in my system. (This business is all about sorting, right?)

My autoresponder then follows up daily for the next week to let them know that I am available to answer any questions, share exciting updates, etc… By the time they call or message me, they have pretty much made the decision to join. They just need a few questions answered. Simple.

The key, of course, is setting up your autoresponder letters so they can work for you. I think of it as having my own 24/7 lead generation and follow up team. It’s working beautifully and business is growing strong.

If you have an account with my autoresponder company (TrafficWave.net), I can get your letters set up for you pretty quickly. Just reach out to me with your name, your TSA, and the email address you use in your autoresponder campaigns. I will gladly share and load my letter series for you.

If you are using a different autoresponder service, that’s no problem. I will be happy to share my letters with you so you can set them up with your chosen autoresponder. Just shoot me a WhatsApp message and I’ll send you the letters for you to use.

Let’s Rock Enroll!

Brian Rooney


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4 Steps To Email Marketing Success

Now, it’s time to get down to some of the email marketing success strategies I personally use. There are 4 steps involved in this process. Frankly, they look really simple and that is because they are. The best part is that you are going to be able to control every step of the process.

There are a lot of people offering complicated systems and telling you that you need all sort of apps, gizmos, tricks, and super-secret-strategies if you want to succeed. The reality is that they just want to sell you their shiny new stuff. There’s nothing wrong that, and some of those shiny things actually work.

But I like to keep things simple. What I focus on is a system that works for me rather than a system that forces me to do more work. I like to do things that can be quickly implemented, tested, and then ramped up for big numbers.

It really comes down to 4 steps:

  1. Traffic There are many ways to get traffic. There is free traffic and paid traffic. You can spend time, money, or both. But traffic really isn’t complicated. The idea is to get people to see your capture page so they can request your information.
  2. Capture Page This can literally be a page you set up with a capture page service or a single page you set up on your web site or blog. I’ve used both and I’ve seen both options work. If you don’t already have a blog or web site, a capture page service is a good option to get started quickly.

    All that traffic you are going to be working on will be sent to this capture page. And it really doesn’t need to be complicated. Some of the best capture pages I have seen and used include nothing more than a headline, a few bullet points, and a simple opt-in box the visitor can use to request your offer (a free pdf, report, etc… ).

    If you want to get really fancy, you can include an image of whatever it is that you are offering, or an image that shows the benefits of your offer. The job of this capture page is to convert the web site visitors into high quality leads.

  3. Autoresponder Another way to think of your autoresponder is your email marketing followup system. This is the system that collects the visitor’s information and sends your followup messages to them.

    These followup messages are sharing information, providing help, and showing your subscribers how to purchase your product, service, information, etc… Along the way, those readers who are  interested will be able to click a link in your autoresponder message to make their purchase.

  4. Broadcast Once your list has begun growing, you can create and send out special offers to your list. One of my clients, Chase Swift, is a photographer. You’ve probably seen his work online, in issues of National Geographic, etc…

    Over the years, he has built a considerable list of people interested in photography, videography, etc… When he finds an offer that he believes will appeal to his readers, he is able to broadcast a message out to his list. When he does, he typically sees sales showing up within minutes.

    This is a great example of email marketing in action.




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