Can You Really Build a Business Online?

build a business onlineCan You Really Build A Business Online?

I’ve been a home based entrepreneur since the year 2000. More than just the allure of being able to build a business online, I wanted to be the dad that was actually home for his kids.

This journey started a long time ago and I have learned a lot along the way. The biggest thing I have found is that the basics will always apply. We have to consistently do the basics to build a business online … any business.

When I get someone started in this business, the big question I typically get is, “How do I find people to talk to?”

My first response is: “Open your eyes. They are literally everywhere“.

In all honesty, I really do believe that we can and should talk to just about anyone and everyone about what we’re doing; especially when what we’re doing can change lives in such a dramatic way.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone we talk to will be as excited as we are.

My own parents shut me down completely when I approached them with this idea of being able to build a business online.opportunity.

And that’s my job … present the product and the opportunity. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter explains it like this:

Our job description is to get people to make a decision about our product, service, or opportunity.” And that is my goal: To get a “yes” or a “no”.

I get told “no” all the time.

But … and this is how I build my business … I also get told “yes”. It’s all about the numbers.

I think of my role as being a “decision collector”. Sometimes, I collect a “no”. Sometimes, I collect a “yes”.

These are the facts of life. Sometimes, a “no” later becomes a “yes”. The point is … I just keep presenting the opportunity and let them make a decision.

Now, we are talking about how to build a business online. Let me be very clear: Working online doesn’t mean “instead of prospecting”. It’s just a different method of prospecting.

I generate online mlm leads by promoting my web site. I use a number of strategies (both free and paid) to get people to my web site.

Once someone gets to my web site, the begin seeing information that is designed to help them make a decision.

Those that are not interested can simply close their browser or go to a different web page.

Those that are interested can fill out a form on my web site requesting more information.

Once they get the information, they have another decision to make. They either want to know more or they are simply not interested in learning more. When they are interested, that’s when I reach out to them to help them get the answers they need to make the next decision: Become a customer or become a team member.

While all this is going on, my autoresponder is following up with emails to share information, talk about success stories, remind them I’m available, and keep them updated.

Using an autoresponder is like having a 24/7 prospecting machine working for me to attract and identify some of the best prospects available: People that are already looking for this kind of information. They are at least curious about what it takes to build a business online.

Let’s review the process:

1) My job: Promote my web site. A web site is worthless without people actually visiting it.

2) My web site’s job: Present the basic information and invite them to learn more.

3) My web site then collects information from those visitors that want to know more and passes that information on to me via my AutoResponder.

4) I get on the phone with those that want to talk more.

5) While this is happening, my AutoResponder keeps following up with them via email.

6) They make a decision to become a customer, a team member, or just keep doing what they were doing before we talked.

That’s it. I have no real concern about which decision they make. I just want to help them get the information so they can make the decision that is right for them.

I follow this process over and over again. Some days, I get no new leads, at all. Some days, I get 4, 5, 6 leads at a time.

By combining this online strategy with offline methods, I’m able to constantly have people to talk to about my business.

Would YOU like to see how the presentation works?

I’m happy to show you. And, you can just remove yourself from my system at any time if you decide it’s not for you.

Check out to request a free online interactive presentation.


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