COVID proves that a second income stream is a must

second income streamA second income stream is an absolute must! I have unapologetically proclaimed this truth since the year 2000.

This is not an “I told you so” post but a reminder that you absolutely need to create a second income stream in your life. How many people (maybe you are one of them) are now worried about whether they will have a job when this virus passes?

Smart business people know that there will be cycles and unexpected events that can impact our world. They make a point to leverage their income so that they are not relying on a single source of income. It just makes sense.

Creating that second income stream can be as simple as opening a home based business that you build on the side. Simple consistent activities done over time can help you create that income stream that you use to pay off debt, build up savings, plan for a rainy day, etc…

Benefits of running a home based business include potential tax breaks, more potential income, another focus to keep you busy when needed, and the freedom that comes from not being completely reliant on someone else such as an employer or the government.

Whether your ambitions are incredible wealth or just a bit of safety, opening up that additional source of  income is easy to do, requires only a small investment to get started, and can lead you to an entirely new life experience.

Don’t get caught behind the 8-ball, again. Start building that extra income stream, now.

If you love your current job, keep it. Just add an additional stream of income to help cover yourself when the unexpected happens.

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Looking For a Better Way To Travel?

Looking For a Better Way To Travel? We’ve Got You Covered with amazing deals around the world. Save on hotels, cars, resorts, excursions, and more with a FREE  Membership!

Comment below to receive your free code to request your FREE Membership. No fees! No upgrade! Always free for you and savings are guaranteed!

I am also looking for motivated entrepreneurs who would like to get paid showing people a better way to travel. We are worldwide and growing quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about this particular business model, click here.

better way to travel

Brian Rooney


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Why Network Marketing Makes Sense

Why Network Marketing Makes Sense

why network marketingIf you have ever considered network marketing, good for you. If you are still thinking about it, let’s talk about why I believe it just makes sense.

The simple reasons for why network marketing makes sense are:

Low Start-Up Cost If you have ever started any sort of business, you know start-up costs can be pretty excessive. In a recent Facebook post, I had folks telling me about costs ranging from over $100,000 to well over $1 Million to start up a franchise business.

Another friend spent a solid six figures opening up a small wine room.

Most network marketing businesses can be started for anywhere from low hundreds to a few thousand dollars. So, if you have that entrepreneurial drive but don’t have six figures laying around, this would be an example of why network marketing may be the right call for you.

Low Expansion Costs If you are on social media, it can be incredibly easy and inexpensive to expand your business on a global level.

I have built my businesses around the globe using my iPhone to reach out to social media followers and connections in different countries. The cost to put up my social media posts: $0.00.

Residual Income This may be the biggest reason for me, as to why network marketing makes sense. The work we do one time can pay us for years to come and can pay in to the next generations for our families if we build it right.

Here is a real example of how I do it:

I give away a free web site to my customers. When my customers want to travel, they simply search their free web site for great deals. When they book that trip, I get paid based on the savings they found. I’ve had customers book trips that resulted in my commission being less than $1. I’ve got customers that save a lot of money and I get paid a lot more.

I simply gave away the web site. Every time they book travel through my site, they save and I get paid. That is how residual income can work and why network marketing is, in my opinion, the best decision we can make for our financial future.

If you’d like to learn more about this particular business model, click here.

Brian Rooney


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Formula For Making Money Online

formula for making money onlineThe formula for making money online is VERY simple.

Unfortunately, too many people make it needlessly complicated. Believe it or not, I can make this real simple for you:

First: Actually have a product or service of value to offer someone.

Second: Expose people to you and your message.

Third: Get permission from them to tell them more.

Fourth: Get them to opt in to a database, and then follow up with them EARNING their trust, and reminding them that you have the ideal solution to one of their SERIOUSLY painful problems.

Examples of your database could and should include:

– your email list (built and managed with an autoresponder)
– your followers on Twitter
– your followers on TikTok
– your followers on Instagram
– connections on Linkedin
– friends on Facebook
– opt-ins to your smartphone contacts
– Facebook Groups or Pages
… you get the idea!

What makes this such a powerful formula for making money online? When someone joins your email list, follows you, friends you, etc… they are now in your database! You can follow up with them, EARN THEIR TRUST, and remind them that you can help them in whatever way your products and services can actually help them.

Why do I say this is simple? Just about everyone I know has Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc…

It is incredibly simple to let people know what you do and how you can help them.

Instead of posting about how much you hate a political celebrity, love a hollywood celebrity, think people are mean, wish life was better, debate about types of meat, bikinis, sports teams, etc… add some value to the content.

One of my businesses shows travelers how to save money. A lot of my posts are about showing great travel deals, sharing travel tips, etc… I even offer a free web site that guarantees savings.

Another business shows entrepreneurs how to generate leads for their business. A good percentage of my content is about showing them how lead generation works. (I am offering value).

A third business offers online advertising for network marketing professionals. The advertising is displayed on a blog I own that provides network marketing tips and advice (offering more value).

Use your social media channels to show people you have something of value to offer them and show them how to learn more.

And, when you DO post on social media, don’t just post a sales page and tell people why they need to buy your stuff.

Show Them  How You Can Help Them!

If you clicked any of the links, above, you noticed that they all go to offers of more information. Any time someone wants to learn more about how I can help them, they fill out the form. From there, my autoresponder takes over sending follow up messages and explaining how I can help them with whatever they are interested in.

Nothing about any of these steps is hard. You may need to learn a thing or two here and there, but you know you can.

There was a time when you couldn’t walk. You learned.
You had to learn how to use a fork and knife. You learned.
You had to learn how to make your bed. You learned.
You had to learn how to read. You learned.
You had to learn how to write. You learned.
You had to learn how to use that computer. You learned.
You had to learn how to use that smart phone. You learned.

You learned all that.

You can learn this.

Brian Rooney

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How Do I Make Money From Home?

make money from homeI am often asked how I make money from home.  My goal with this article is to answer that question and, if you are interested, show you how you can do the same.

Let’s start by covering a few basic principles:

A home based business (if it is successful) involves actually doing business from home. Any successful business knows that revenue comes from providing a product or service that solves a problem for people.

Car companies make money by selling cars. The problem they solve is transportation.

Service companies make money by providing service. Need your A/C Fixed? You call the A/C company and pay them to provide a solution.

Doctors, dentists, attorneys … all providing solutions.

Restaurants … all providing a solution.

So any idea you have to make money from home needs to provide some sort of solution for people. My home based businesses solve problems and I provide the solution working from home.

Building a home based business will involve actually working. Now, in the case of running online business as I do, “working” looks a lot different than it did when I was working construction. My work, today, is done on my computer, my iPad, my smart phone, and face to face. I reach out on social media. I participate in blogging, article writing, and promotion. I talk to humans. When I successfully solve a problem (see above), business grows.

This is how I make money from home: I solve problems for people

What are the problems I solve in my home based business:

Solution One: I provide a service that helps people pay less when they travel. I am not a travel agent. I simply connect travelers to great deals on hotels, rental cars, resorts, excursions, etc… I provide the service for free. When they are able to pay less using a free web site I give them, I get paid. This same company is adding additional markets so my earning potential just keeps increasing as we expand.

Folks are going to travel for one of two reasons:

They either want to (vacation) or they have to (business). I help them pay less when they do it. This is one of the ways I make money from home.

If you would like to see an overview of how this works, check out my Facebook video here:

Solution Two: I show other home based business professionals how to generate online leads and automate their follow up. The big challenge faced by any business, including home based business operators, is lead generation and follow up. I own a company that helps them solve this problem with a tool we call an “Autoresponder”.

Imagine being able to set up systems that allow your business to generate online leads 24/7 and then follow up with those leads automatically. No matter where you are … No matter what you are doing … Your lead system is working for you to generate leads (people that WANT to know more about what you are offering) and helping them learn about your product, service, or opportunity.

To learn more about how this service can help you generate leads for your home based business, check us out at

Solution Three: Online Advertising For MLM Professionals. The biggest key to success in building a business is lead generation. We have to be talking to new people on a constant basis.

I love talking to people and have no problem inviting prospects to look at what I’ve got. I also run online mlm advertising. Why? Because people are online looking for ways to make money from home. So, it just makes sense that I have some ads out there for people like this to see.

So, here is the basic run down of the flow I use when I make money from home:

I am running ads online at The Online Ad Network. When someone clicks my ad, they go to a web site or capture page that offers them information about what I do. They fill out the form and my autoresponder takes over.

If you are curious about starting a home based business, take a look at what we are doing and see if it makes sense for you:

If you already have a home based business and need a way to get more leads and handle follow up, check out The Online Ad Network and

Feel free to ask ANY questions you have about how I make money from home. We don’t have to get in to a sales pitch. I love a good conversation. Post your comments, thought, or questions below.

Brian Rooney






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Home Based Business Dream

home based business dream“Living the home based business dream” is something a lot of people seem to misunderstand.

I do love working from home. I’ve been doing this since early 2000. I raised 5 kids living this home based business dream and I can’t imagine doing life any other way.

I do enjoy the freedom of being able to (mostly) set my own schedule. I don’t have to ask for time off. I don’t have to worry about living on someone else’s schedule.  I take vacations when I want to. I sleep until I don’t want to (most of the time).

I love the idea that if I want to increase my income, I have only to generate more results. Most employees know that generating more results will create more profits for the company but not in their own paycheck. In my world, more results translates to more income.

So, in many ways, this home based business dream is kind of like a dream come true.

But, as always, there is more to the story. The other part of this home based business dream is that we have to PRODUCE results.

How many of us know an employee or two that doesn’t really carry their weight but somehow continues to collect a check? If you don’t carry your weight in your home based business, the home based business dream can quickly become a home based business nightmare. The income drops. And, that’s not good for anybody.

Building a home based business can cause you to lose some friends. In the book, “You are a Bad Ass”, author Jen Sincero says:

“You’ll probably have to do things you never imagined you’d do because if any of your friends saw you doing it, or spending money on it, you’d never live it down. Or they’d be concerned about you. Or they’d stop being friends with you because now you’re all weird and different. You’ll have to believe in things you can’t see as well as some things that you have full-on proof are impossible. You’re gonna have to push past your fears, fail over and over again and make a habit of doing things you’re not so comfy doing. You’re going to have to let go of old, limiting beliefs and cling to your decision to create the life you desire like your life depends on it.

Because guess what? Your life does depend on it.”

When I started building my home based business, a lot of folks that I had considered friends began to question my choices. They wanted to know why I was working such crazy hours when they were meeting up for drinks. They wanted to know why I was reading so much personal development stuff and hanging positive photos on my walls. They didn’t understand why I would rather spend a weekend at a seminar than hanging out, watching movies, drinking, and just “having fun”.

I have no problem with hanging out. I love watching movies. I enjoy a great scotch and a cigar.

But when I was building my home based business, especially in the beginning, I was solely focused as if my life depended on it … because it did.

Were the hours and dollars invested worth it? Absolutely! I highly recommend that everyone have at least a side business as a home based business.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can experience your version of the home based business dream, I invite you to get my free report at

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Making Money From Home

making money from homeMaking Money From Home –  There is no real “secret” to it. If you can help someone solve a problem, you can make money. If you can help someone solve a problem from home, you can make money from home.

Typically, when I talk to someone about making money from home, they start thinking about how they would have to learn how to write code, create an app, invent a new technology, etc…

But think about this: There are people out there who have already written code, created apps, invented technology, disrupted industries, and created some really great stuff. These are smart people. I know I couldn’t do the work they do.

And, that is where the opportunity is found. What these people need are people that can help them get these products, apps, and tech out to customers.

And, that really is the big secret to making money from home.

I have been a home based entrepreneur for more than 20 years. I have never written code. I haven’t developed any apps. I haven’t invented anything. I play music around town  at night, and I work on connecting buyers and sellers during the day.

Did you get that last part? I work on connecting buyers and sellers. I didn’t write any code. I didn’t invent anything. I connected myself with people that did all that and I introduce these services to potential customers.

For example:

I recently partnered with a company that has some amazing technology. They have developed a web site that saves travelers money. All the customer has to do is use the web site. When they book a trip, they save. The customer loves the site. Who wouldn’t, right?

The company that built the site and manages the site doesn’t do the marketing. They look for people like me. What I do is give away the web site to potential customers for free. When the customer uses the site, I get paid based on how much money they save on their trips. These customers travel for business or pleasure. When they save, I get paid.

I do all this from home.

This same company is introducing technology in the Ride Share market (like Uber and Lyft). Did you know you can get paid every time someone takes a ride and you don’t even have to be the driver?

Imagine being the person that gives away a bunch of Ride Share apps and you get paid every time someone uses the app. Yeah… that’s a fun way to make money from home!

I don’t spend any time trying to figure out how to write apps, create new tech, or invent the next big thing. I just connect the people that do that stuff with the people that want that stuff.

That has been my big secret to making money from home.

Interested in learning about how you could partner with me? Check out a brief online presentation:

Brian Rooney

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Home Based Business With a Proven System

home based business with a proven systemWhat if I could show you a home based business with a proven system for generating new leads, following up, and helping you close more sales? Do you think you might be able to win with a proven system and professional leadership?

Using this system, I have been able to generate over 100 customers and build a team of more than 100 members ( two distinct and separate groups) in the first 6 months. And, things are just getting started.

What I have is a system that lets me tap in to the power of social media along with people I meet to see who is interested in either saving money, making money, or both.

When they want to know more, they simply click a link. From there, my system takes over. They get the information they want to see and they make their own decision.

Does it work? In just over 6 months, this system helped me generate over 100 customers and build a team of over 100 members who are doing the same thing.

I believe anyone can build a home based business with a proven system. The key is to plug in to the system and consistently follow a few very simple steps. My role is to show you those steps and help you along your journey as you follow through.

If you would like to learn how to tap in to this system and build a home based business with a proven system and strong leadership, just fill out the form below to get the details sent directly to your inbox:

Brian Rooney has been a full time home based business professional since early 2000 and enjoys building business around the world using proven effective lead generation and follow up techniques.

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Why MLM Doesn’t Work

why mlm doesn't workLet’s talk about why MLM doesn’t work.

There are some harsh realities in this world of MLM. Most of us try to breeze through life without ever facing these realities. Here is an experience many of us have had, before:

You walk in to a local store, looking for whatever is on your mind, that day. The store owner greets you with a smile, and welcomes you by name. She asks how you’ve been. She excitedly tells you about her upcoming vacation. She can’t wait to get away for a while. She leans in and says something like, “I paid WAY too much but I have got to get away for a little bit!“. You both laugh and you tell her, “Good for you! Enjoy your much needed time away.” You find what you were looking for and go along your way.

She’s a nice lady. I hope she has a great time.“, you think to yourself. You’re glad you shop there. Part of you looks forward to hearing about her trip when she gets back.

A couple of weeks later, you get a call from a friend. She is very excited and quickly starts telling you about a new business opportunity she has found. Someone she knows just started a business helping people get better deals on travel. “All you have to do is get a few people to sign up and you start making money, too!  This is sooooo easy!

You catch her excitement and you say, “I’ll take a look. Send me the info.“. You hang up the phone and you give a little grin. You go on with your day. A couple weeks later, you run into this same friend at the mall and you ask, “Hey. How are you doing with that business opportunity you called me about?

Oh.“, she says, “I gave that thing up. I couldn’t get
anybody else to sign up. I tried but it just didn’t work.

I’m sorry to hear that.” you say. “You seem so excited. What was it, anyway?

She looks down, shrugs her shoulders, and says, “It was  one of those MLM things.

Of course, I made this story up. But the theme is real and probably hits really close to home for many of us. Most of us have someone we know that tried “one of those mlm things” and had similar results.

Sadly, this story is all too common and it’s a good reason why mlm doesn’t work for a lot of people. These “toe-dippers” and “dabblers” give the industry a bad name because they think they can get rich by just signing up and talking to a few people they just KNOW would crush this thing!

How did this happen? The simplest one word reason I can give is: Mindset.

Let’s compare:

The shop owner we talked about in the first story probably invested tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in to her store. She had real estate costs, inventory costs, taxes, payroll, insurance, liability coverage, and more. And, that was before she even opened. She knew she could forget about any free time for a while. That vacation she mentioned will probably be the first day off she has had since she opened the store.

IF she’s lucky, she will be able to generate enough cash flow to keep the store open and some income for herself to provide for her family. Profits MIGHT come later if  she manages to stay in business.

Her commitment level was “all in” from the first day and she has committed herself to making a successful run of it. Her family is counting on her.

The friend was, understandably, lured by the idea of a fast return. The promise of potential financial freedom was certainly appealing. Who wouldn’t enjoy an awesome life full of fun, travel and abundance? Another appealing factor was the very low barrier to entry. Her start up cost was probably somewhere between a few hundred and a couple thousand dollars. Real estate costs, inventory, payroll, etc, were not a factor. She had the word of her sponsor and had seen a reflection of a life that was available.

The part she missed was this:

MLM is a business. When people think they are going to be rich by inviting a few people over a couple of weeks, they experience what they believe to be failure and this is why mlm doesn’t work for them. They didn’t actually fail. In most cases, they just gave up before they had learned and developed the skills to become successful.

Building your MLM business part-time can absolutely be done. In fact, most people start part-time, as they should. They add their mlm business to their daily schedule. They work nights and weekends. The smart move is to transition to doing MLM full-time only AFTER your business has reached the point that your job is actually getting in the way.

The reality of the successful business people in MLM is this:

They know that this model is actually genius. There is an incredibly low barrier to entry. Pretty much anyone can get started at some level and build up from there. By learning and applying a few skills, anyone can learn how to build their  mlm business. You can literally build your MLM business to whatever level you are willing to work for.

These folks who “try it out” are why “mlm doesn’t work”.

These folks who don’t get the proper training are “why mlm doesn’t work”.

If you want to experience success in MLM, get ready to learn new skills, try new things, and pick up new habits. Be prepared to spend some time learning and developing those skills.

When I first got started in MLM, over 20 years ago, I failed miserably. I thought my experience in corporate America made me way smart enough to be successful in one of these MLM deals. I was wrong. I made good money at my job. I was in sales. “I got this.” I thought to myself. I was another reason “why mlm doesn’t work” for so many. But things changed for me.

When I found a good coach, was willing to humble myself and learn new skills, I started experiencing success and was able to support a family of 7 with the residual income model that MLM makes available.

What are your thoughts on these options of starting and building your own business? I would love to get your thoughts.

Want to see the model I am using? I can save that store owner a LOT of money on her vacations! Check it out here:

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Network Marketing in Houston

Network Marketing in HoustonAre you looking in to network marketing in Houston? It might be a good idea for us to talk. Imagine having someone right in your area that can work with you to help you build your network marketing business.

My name is Brian Rooney. I have been a full-time network marketing professional since the year 2000. I’m not as interested in “pitching” you as I am to finding out more about you and how we might be able to work together.

My own motivation to get involved in network marketing was the fact that I was missing out on some amazing “firsts” with my 5 young children. I wanted to be the dad that was actually involved in their lives. So, we began our journey.

We learned a lot of things the hard way. Starting out, we didn’t have a good mentor or coach. Eventually, we found one and it changed everything for us. I have been “successfully unemployed” since the year 2000. I enjoy building the business and I enjoy meeting other network marketing enthusiasts, whether they be full-time or part-time.

As I live in the Houston area (Spring/Woodlands), I am always interested in meeting others involved in network marketing in Houston and surrounding areas. We don’t even have to be in the same company. Sometimes, it just helps to know and interact with other professionals. Nobody get us quite like us!

I’m actually building my business on a global scale. I also enjoy interacting with my team and other professionals on the local level.

So, if you are already involved with a company you love and getting the results you want, stick with it! Let’s get to know each other.

If you are looking at other possibilities for network marketing in Houston, let’s set up a time to talk. Start with this online presentation and we can set up a time to talk more and maybe even meet up:

I look forward to hearing from you and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have for me.

Brian Rooney

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