How Email Marketing Works To Build Passive Income

Brian Rooney

Brian Rooney, Home Based Business Coach

Have you ever wondered how email marketing works to build passive income? If you have, I’ve got great news for you. This article is going to break down the details of why email marketing works so well. Then I am going to talk about how you can use email marketing to create a lifestyle that most people only dream about.

Some people dream of a life where all their bills are covered by a passive income stream (or two).  Some people dream of a life with incredible riches, world travel, and lots of excitement. Your dream life may be somewhere between the two. The good news is that either option and any other options you can imagine are available when you learn to use the effective email marketing strategy I am going to teach you.

This is the same strategy I have used effectively for more than 17 years. In that time, I’ve raised 5 kids, traveled all over the country, and enjoyed some amazing experiences. Along the way, I have helped thousands of other entrepreneurs, home based business professionals, authors, coaches, and small business operators learn and use this same system. And, now … I am going to show it to you.

Don’t Worry. You are not going to be asked for any money.

Why? I want you to be able to review this information without worrying about how much money you think I am going to ask for. I am going to give you the information. I am going to show you how to put this plan in action for yourself without asking you for a dime. If you get results, you are going to want to do more business with me and that will eventually cost you a whole $17.95 per month and only IF you see the real benefit to yourself.

If I can teach you how to make hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars per month in your existing business or a brand new business you decide to start, will that be worth $17.95 per month to you?

Ok, we got that “sales” part out of the way. Now, let’s talk about how YOU can put this information to work for you and start building the life you’ve always known is there for you.

First, why am I so excited about email marketing as a way to build passive income?

So many people are excited about social media. I use social media quite a bit, myself. I usually start my day seeing who tweeted about what, posted about this or that, took a picture of their lunch, and all that good stuff. It’s a lot of fun. And, social media can be used for business. I check and respond to various social media messages and posts on a daily basis.

But when it comes to business, numbers tell the tale.

Facebook has almost 2 billion users as of March 2017.

Twitter has about 328 million users as of April 2017.

But email flies right by both of them! There are over 5 billion email addresses in the world! Billions and billions of emails are sent, opened, and read every single day!

So, based on numbers alone, it is pretty easy to see that email has a much larger reach than even the biggest social media sites we all know and love.

But here is a HUGE reason I believe email reigns supreme:

Email Marketing Gives You CONTROL Over Your Business, Your Income, and Your Future.

When it comes to your own financial future, security is something you want to not take lightly.

How many times have you seen or heard of someone who had their Google Adwords account shut down?

How many times have you seen or heard of someone that had their Facebook ads shut down?

How many times have you seen or heard of someone who woke up one day to realize they had been “downsized”?

How many times have you seen or heard of someone that woke up to discover that their latest and greatest network marketing company was shut down or locked up?

These things happen. And, when they do, I hope you have built a strong email marketing database. When you own your own list, nobody can ever take it away from you. Google can do what they do. Facebook, too. Your company can flip over. Your job can be eliminated or outsourced. But your email list is yours. You can continue to grow it, develop relationships, generate sales, and build your income.

Your Email List Is a Valuable Business Asset!

When I first got started with email marketing, my sales revenue was $0.00. I had no customers. I had no list. But I started building my list and driving sales. Some of those customers are still with me 17 years later and I now work with entrepreneurs around the world. And it all started with building an email list.

You may be starting out at zero, too. You can start by building your list and generating sales. Once you make your first $100 in sales, you can build to thousands, even hundreds of thousands. We all start at the beginning.

Over time, your email marketing list becomes your most valuable asset. No matter what happens, you can always tap in to it and continue building.

How Have I Used Email Marketing?

Over the years, I’ve used email marketing to sell coffee (and qualified for a Mercedes Benz bonus), advertising (where I built a solid residual income stream), affiliate products, information, and yes … even email marketing services. I’ve worked with restaurants, affiliate marketers, manufacturers, retailers, authors, and more to show them how to put these same strategies in action for their businesses.

The good news is that I am going to show you EXACTLY how I did these things. No doubt your next question is:

Yes, But Can I Do It?

Personally, I believe you can. But what really  matters is what YOU believe and whether or not you are actually going to follow through on the information you receive.

I have worked with a lot of people from all over the world. Those who follow through typically generate solid results in their business. Those who don’t take action, or give up half way through, don’t achieve results. At this point, I have no way of knowing which one of those you are.

Before We Go Any Further, Understand This:

We are not talking about some sort of “get rich quick” deal. Email marketing gets great results for many people, but I am absolutely not guaranteeing overnight success or quick wealth. I want you to be excited about email marketing and all the possibilities it opens up to you. I also want you to understand that this isn’t any sort of “magic”.

Success comes only after taking in the information, and then taking action over an extended period of time.

I talk to far too many people who approach this sort of information with an attitude of “I signed up. Where’s my check?”. If you truly want to use email marketing to build a new lifestyle or grow your business, you are going to have to put in the work to LEARN and then DO the things I will be showing you.

Here Are The Facts Of Life:

  • If you do not take action, nothing will happen.
  • If you take very little action, very little will happen.
  • If you think someone else is going to do it for you, nothing will happen.

Every successful person I know went through the process to learn about what needed to be done and then they took MASSIVE ACTION to create results. They all wanted to learn and improve by applying what they’ve learned.

The good news is that I have learned by making a lot of mistakes and I am going to show you how to avoid those same mistakes and guide you toward only those things that create results for me. As you apply the information you are going to learn, you will find me available to help along the way.

A couple of examples from my own experiences:

Music Lessons When I taught music lessons, I could demonstrate how something was done. My students would ALL say, “I want to play THAT thing you just did”. I would show them how I did it. I would give them some drills to work on for the following week. Their job was to work on those drills to learn the basics.

The next week, some students would have done the drills. We could go over them, make a few adjustments, and move on to the next steps.

Most students would come back with excuses about why they couldn’t take the time to do the drills. They didn’t move forward.

Basketball I was a pretty good basketball coach. We won local championships, regional championships, and national championships. (We lost quite a few, too) We traveled around the country playing basketball. Some of the young men I had the honor to coach went on to receive basketball scholarships. One is going in to the NBA, this next season.

Guess what. Not one of those young men ever asked me to take their shots for them. I never did their ball handling drills. I never shot their layups or their free throws. I provided training, information, and examples of other basketball players and coaches MUCH more talented than I ever could have been.

Those young men who did the work got to play in the games. Those same young men got some incredible results. For some, it was great memories of Jr High and High School basketball. For some, it was college scholarships. For one, it was all the way to the NBA.

How far you go will be determined by a number of factors, most of which you can control. If you want the results, be prepared to put in the work.

If you’re ready to learn more and start digging in to how to get these results for yourself, the next step is yours. Just fill out the form below to gain free access to my full report:

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