What Sort Of Person Gets Involved with Network Marketing?

network marketingNetwork Marketing? What kind of person gets in to network marketing? Who are “those people”? You might be surprised to find out what sort of people get in.

Many times, we think of those “network marketing people” as those down and out folks with no education and no other option. While, there are some incredible “rags to riches” stories out there, it may help to realize people come to network marketing from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Attorneys, Welders, Realtors, Musicians, Doctors, Best Selling Authors, Retirees, Professional Athletes, Crypto Traders, Fitness Models, Millenials, Contractors, Bartenders, aPastors, Agnostics, Atheists, IT Professionals, Business Owners, Hair Stylists, Full-Time Moms, Grandparents, Engineers, Students, and more have found incredible success through the industry of network marketing.

Some did it for the money. Others did it for the opportunity to help others achieve financial freedom. A retired NFL Professional, Rod Smith, had this to say  when asked why he got involved with network marketing: “I couldn’t teach the people from my neighborhood how to get an NFL contract. I could teach them how to do this.“.

My own journey in to network marketing started 20 years ago. There is no “hard luck” story. I had a great job, a wonderful boss, and the highest income level I had ever had up to that point in my life.

But I missed my kids.

I didn’t want to come home and hear about their day. I wanted to be IN their day.

I got started because I wanted something different for them and for me. Did I want to make money? Absolutely. My biggest goal was to earn enough income from network marketing that I would be able to be home with my family. We hit that goal and then learned how to go beyond. Today, I use a very simple formula for making money online and I teach it to others around the world.

Along the way, I made amazing some amazing memories. I coached my sons in basketball. I was able to take my family on multiple vacations, each year. I was able to attend the plays and recitals. I was able to become a full-time dad and husband. Along the way, we built a very enjoyable lifestyle.

Now, with my kids all grown, I am turning my focus toward finding people that want to experience the power and freedom that comes from building a successful network marketing business. It may not be for you, but I highly recommend at least taking a look.

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