Brian Rooney

Licensed Life Insurance Agent

I am a licensed life insurance agent. My job is to help you understand your life insurance options and what life insurance can actually do for your family.

What I Do

The days of having an agent sit down at your table and take up hours of your time are long gone. I can work through more than 40 different carriers to quickly find the best options that get you the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget. Let's set up a time for a free no-pressure conversation to look at your options.
Already Have Life Insurance?

Let's take 10 minutes on the phone to review your coverage.

Do you have enough?

Do you have too much?

Are better options available?

Are less expensive options available?

We can do a quick review so you have the peace of mind knowing you got the RIGHT policy in place rather than just having "something" in place.

Free Review:

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NO "Sales Pitch". Just a free review. Our Licensed Professionals will review your policy with you to go over what you have and help you identify the important information that protects your family.

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