Network Marketing Is Changing

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Network Marketing Is Changing and you can win by partnering with us.

Anyone who knows me knows that network marketing has been my full-time vocation for over 20 years. Maybe we’ve worked together, before. Maybe you’ve just been watching and wondering if this stuff really does work.

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. I’ve seen ups and downs. I’ve seen things that work and things that didn’t work. I’ve qualified for a car bonus (still driving and loving it). I’ve built considerable income streams. I’ve stumbled and failed/learned.

Along the way, I raised 5 kids without needing to ask for a day off, an extra day for vacation, time off to catch a recital or basketball game. I was able to be a hands-on dad and stay connected with my family.

So, yeah … I’m a big fan of network marketing.

When I tell you “Network Marketing Is Changing”, here is what I mean:

  • No more trying to “convince” someone to try your stuff.
  • No more explaining why your stuff is “so expensive”.
  • No more “hoping” your customers or team order again, next month.

What we have done is to insert ourselves in to an $8 TRILLION industry and set it up so that our customers actually have to SAVE money in order for us to get paid.

If you have tried network marketing before, you will want to see what we are doing. So far, everybody that sees it just says, “Well, that makes sense. I can do that!”

I can sum up our entire model like this:

  1. Our customers are going to do it anyway.
  2. We just show them how to save when they do it.
  3. We get paid when they save.

This is why I say Network Marketing Is Changing.

If this makes your inner entrepreneur curious and you’d like to learn more, I would love to show you our presentation.

Just fill out the form, below, and I will get you the information sent to your inbox. You can get the information on your smartphone or computer. There will be no pressure. If you are anything like me, you will probably say, “Well, that just makes sense!”.

Get the information. Ask us any questions you have and see if this makes as much sense to you as it does to us.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Rooney

4 thoughts on “Network Marketing Is Changing

  1. I couldn’t access video you sent via fb. I’m interested in what this is.

    • HI, Aaron. Messaging you directly. Demand is so high, it caused a server issue. Fixing it now.

    • Hi, Paul.

      No, I am not referring to Travel 10 / Lifetrends. This is a new system we just launched on March 9 and it’s already gaining incredible momentum! Would love to share it with you.

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