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Can I Get Down To 200 Pounds?

I’m a musician and business man. I’m a father of 5 amazing grown children. I’m a “poppy” (grandpa) to two incredible grandsons.

I want to be around for many years to enjoy my family, my friends, playing music, and everything life has to offer.

As of Monday, Sept 5, 2016, I am taking on a new project to get my weight down to 200 pounds. This blog post is my way of making myself accountable and reporting back to the folks who are interested in the journey.

Here are the basic facts:

  • A few years ago, I was close to 300 pounds. Through some considerable gym time and changing my diet, I was able to get down to 234 pounds. That took time and a good bit of work.
  • A year ago (July 2015), I had a stroke. It was a very scary time and I am happy to say that I am mostly recovered, able to play music again, and enjoying life. I’m on blood pressure medications and my follow up visit with my cardiologist was very positive.
  • Recently, I weighed myself to find that I was back up to 254 pounds. So, to make a long story very short, I have set my goal to not only get back to 234 but to take my weight down to 200 pounds.
  • My additional goal is to not only get down to 200 pounds but to also see if I can bring my blood pressure down in the process so that my doctor will take me off my blood pressure medications.

From a high of close to 300 down to 200 pounds?!? Can I really do this?!?

The company I have been with for a number of years has recently released a nutritional shake that has produced some incredible results with their test market. I am about to order this nutritional shake and begin the plan to see how long it takes me to get down to 200 pounds. That will be a weight loss of 54 pounds on these shakes (plus the weight I previously lost).

If you would like to be updated on my progress and help hold me accountable, I would love to have you along for the journey. Just fill out the form below and you will receive my updates as we go along, together:

Brian Rooney

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I’m always interested in talking about my favorite actives: Music and Online Business. If you’re in the Houston area, hit me up. Maybe we can meet up for a bite to eat and some great conversation. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing where the journey may lead. I met my business partner as we were both playing for a big band here in Houston. We launched together back in 2000 and have been working together ever since.

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney

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  1. Anything is possible! I’ve lost 100 pounds since the birth of my twin girls eight years ago. It was slow going, painfully slow. As in, all the other twin moms in my group were w/in 20 pounds of their pre-baby weight by week 6 … by contrast, it took me 52 weeks to get near by pre-baby weight.

    Pushing a stroller with two babies up a hill is a great cardio workout! I low-carbed it for years, lifted weights and did buckets of hot yoga.

    I still get frustrated that I’ve hit a plateau, but then I pull up my old (baby) stats: weight 272, waist 54″, BMI 43. Morbidly obese.
    Now: weight 171, waist 31″

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